The World's First Portable, Smart, Multifunctional Indoor Planter

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Egreen is an inspirational green product, whether it be a bedroom, living room, or office room, a green patch, an Egreen ecosystem, giving you a sense of closeness to nature. fresh, inspiring endless creativity.

Now, planting plants indoors will no longer be boring, monotonous, it becomes a creative work, an inspiring work of art.

Egreen is made from a special ceramic material with environmentally friendly heating technology, allowing plants to grow with water alone, making the process of taking care of plants easy, convenient, and completely clean. Egreen's perfect form reminds us of the tree of life, of our green planet.

Egreen is not just a planting tool using new technology, Egreen is also an idea of what nature can bring. That word demands our responsibility to preserve nature.

Here's what Egreen does for you:

• Portability: suitable from the bedroom, living room to the office, less space, can be placed anywhere.

• Completely clean and takes no care time.

• Egreen creates a cool atmosphere.

• The ability to customize the owner's style. A subtle blue patch stimulates creativity.

• Using environmentally friendly natural materials

• Can be reused many times

• Plant a variety of plants easily

• Can create ecosystems, plant trees, raise fish ...

• Impressive visualization handcrafted by leading ceramic artists, intelligent 3-part design that can be disassembled, transformed.

• Environmentally friendly materials, long service life. No waste.